Elsewhere: The Panetta Surprise, the Hochberg Draft

Barack Obama will choose Leon Panetta to run the C.I.A., delivering a surprise “even to some Obama insiders.” 

The choice may be more about ideology than organization.

Michael Benjamin says he got a vetting call regarding Adolfo Carrion.

State officials are hoping for federal money to update aging and overworked sewage treatment plants.

An opponent of the NYRI power line wants to know exactly what “public need” is.

Liz ponders the seating implications of the State of the State.

Gale Brewer takes on helicopters.

“Sources familiar with” the workings of 1199 issue an anonymous denial of the union’s reported behind-the-scenes activity on behalf of Dean Skelos.

According to the city Board of Elections, Democratic Assemblyman Dov Hikind got re-elected with more votes on the Republican line than on the Democratic.

John Riley refers to Michael Bloomberg’s recent trip as an “Israel Pander Trip.”

Vois iz Neias readers discuss Bloomberg and pot holes.

Betsy Gotbaum wants to debate Bloomberg on mayoral control of public schools, in Spanish.

Here’s Ruben Diaz, Sr. at a Three Kings Day event in the Bronx.

Tom Wrobleski is following Michael McMahon all the way to Washington D.C.

Forign Policy wonders takes suggestions for Bill Clinton’s title.

Paul Krugman mocks a stimulus skeptic. 

Obama continues to make a statement by making no statement about Gaza.
The Change We Need: Ted Leo and Tortoise.

Al Franken is certified; Norm Coleman will challenge.

According to Marc Ambinder, the Obama team didn’t think Bill Richardson would want to be commerce secretary.

Jason Zengerle thinks this means he was pushed out.

There’s a Facebook group trying to get Fred Hochberg appointed to the cabinet post Bill Richardson is abandoning.



Elsewhere: The Panetta Surprise, the Hochberg Draft