Englewood Dems pass anti-Kasparian resolution but lack a publicly declared candidate

HACKENSACK – Although the Englewood Democratic Municipal Committee last night passed a resolution opposing the candidacy of Paramus-based developer Michael Kasparian for chairman of the Bergen County Democratic Organization (BCDO), it remains unlikely Kasparian’s opponents will be able to unseat him at a special party convention at 4:30 p.m.

Indeed, it’s a question mark at this point whether they’ll even try.

“I’m not going to put my name in, I’m not running,” said local labor leader Richard “Buzzy” Dressel, who had originally hoped to be the anti-Kasparian candidate in the name of striking a blow against Kasparian ally and outgoing BCDO Chairman Joe Ferriero.

Ferriero’s leaving to fight federal corruption charges, and Dressel’s convinced he’s rigged the game at this afternoon’s convention, so why participate.

A few hours before the meeting at BCDO headquarters, Kasparian’s allies were confident he has the requisite votes to win. Englewood’s one town out of 70, after all, and most of the county committee people are part of the machinery of Ferriero’s political legacy here.

Kasparian said he's not taking victory for granted.

"I'm working the phones," he told PolitickerNJ.com.

The anti-Kasparian vote in Englewood last night was 11-7.

“Pay-to-play politics has brought down Joseph Ferriero,” the resolution read. “He is stepping down as Chair of the Bergen County Democratic Party. His questionable activities have caused us all grief and have tarnished the image of our County organization.

“Developer Michael Kasparian is running for chair of the BCDO. His pay-to play activities in Englewood are well known. Englewood cannot approve of Kasparian’s candidacy. As a city that overwhelming voted for Barack Obama, we in November endorsed change. With this in mind, with Obama’s brave inaugural call to civic action and duty still ringing in our ears, we must insist on new leadership of the BCDO now.”

Kasparian’s allies argue that he bundled money for Obama and backed the President even as Ferriero supported Hillary Clinton in last year’s Democratic Party primary.

Englewood Dems pass anti-Kasparian resolution but lack a publicly declared candidate