Ferreras Gets 32BJ

City Council candidate Julissa Ferreras' campaign announced the endorsement by 32BJ, a union representing property service workers with 10,000 members in the borough of Queens.

The union’s president, Michael Fishman, cited Ferreras' support of the Willets Point project as a main reason for supporting her candidacy.

“Ferraras worked hard to ensure that the Willets Point redevelopment plans include job training and placement opportunities for more than 1,000 Queens workers,” Fishman said in a public statement.

Interestingly, Ferreras has said more than once that the project won’t get underway for four to eight years. But in a district concerned about over-development, that may actually be what voters want to hear.

Ferreras, who was the chief of staff to Hiram Monserrate, the City Councilman who just vacated the seat, has raised $50,772 for her campaign and spent $27,456, according to her latest filing.

Her main rival in the race, Democratic District Leader Francisco Moya, has raised $38,518 and spent $16,781, according to his filing.

So, if you do the math, Ferreras has $23,316 on hand. Moya has $21,737, not counting matching funds that each will get. Ferreras Gets 32BJ