Hello Sidney! Scream Franchise Revs Up Again

Memory lane alert! You might want throw on a Wallflowers CD and crack open an ice cold Zima before digging into this story. According to Bloody Disgusting, sources are claiming that a fourth installment of Scream, the quintessential 90s horror franchise, is moving forward with most of the original players back on board. Kevin Williamson, who contrary to popular belief has not been in the Witness Protection Program for the past few years, is currently working on a draft for the screenplay, and Wes Craven is in talks to direct yet again. While it looks like Scream 4 will feature a whole new group of terrorized teenagers–we imagine at least three cast members from Gossip Girl will co-star–adults Neve Campbell, Courtney Cox Arquette and David Arquette are all expected to return in cameos.

A genuine movie for movie lovers, the original Scream remains one of our very favorite films from the 90s (and it actually holds up!). But another sequel? Scream came out just over twelve years ago. The last sequel was released nearly nine years ago. By the time Scream 4 hits theaters, is anyone in the desirable 18-34 demographic even going to remember the films existed? More important, will they want to see it? It is true that Scream single-handedly saved the horror genre by making it fun again. And while the first film was filled with violent stabbings, disembowelments, throat slashing and a good deal of blood, it was also an expert thriller in the vein of Agatha Christie. But barring a total upheaval in the tone and feel of the franchise, Scream 4 will look like a Disney movie compared to some of the torture porn that is currently released. It seems the more violent and perverse a movie is, the more money it makes–allow us to introduce you to the Saw franchise. And unfortunately for Dimension Films, no one gets strapped to a table and cut up with a chainsaw in a Scream movie.

Still, for fans like us, another sequel does have potential, just so long as Mr. Williamson dumps the silly idea of focusing it on pesky teenagers. If Scream 4 really wants to continue on in the tradition of the franchise, it should just concentrate on the adults. Talk about redefining a genre. Wouldn’t it be fun to watch a bunch of 30-and-40-something actors star in a horror movie and play their actual ages? Now that would be original… and scary! Hello Sidney! Scream Franchise Revs Up Again