Holt decides to run for assembly instead of state senate

The three way race for senate in the 23rd Legislative District has been narrowed down to two.

Hunterdon County Freeholder Matt Holt, who had already declared his candidacy for state senate, has opted instead to run for one of the two possible assembly seats that will soon open up. Both incumbents, Assembly members Marcia Karrow (R-Flemington) and Mike Doherty (R-Washington Twp.) are running to replace Congressman-elect Leonard Lance in the state Senate.

“My mission to represent the 23rd District in the Legislature will not change. I repeat my pledge to run a campaign based on issues, and to be a unifying force that all Republicans can rally around to further the goals of the party,” said Holt in a statement. “Low taxes, responsible government, transparency, and impeccable integrity can be the hallmarks of New Jersey governance. I continue my total commitment to these principles.”

It’s possible that two assembly seats will open up, but almost certain that one will. Doherty has declared that, even if he loses a special convention to become Lance’s interim replacement this month to Karrow, he will challenge her in the June primary. Karrow, however, plans to remain in the assembly if she does not win the convention.

Former state Sen. Bill Schluter, who had been actively campaigning for Holt’s state senate bid, issued a statement in support.

“He has experience as a public servant. He continually demonstrates the personal attributes of a representative who truly cares. His positions on vital issues reflect both the wishes and values of the people of the 23rd District. He also offers a refreshing and intelligent willingness to bring people together for solutions.”

Holt decides to run for assembly instead of state senate