Holt unveils local support

Freeholder Matthew Holt today unveiled endorsements of Republican elected officials from his hometown of Clinton Township.

Former Mayor and veteran Councilman Robert Smith joined current Republican Council members Dan Shea, Rich Duffy, Todd Pender, and Martin Pendergast in their public support of Holt's Assembly Candidacy in the 23rd Legislative District.

Former Republican Council members Rick Christenson and Rosemary Pendergast also threw their support behind Holt.

"During my tenure on the Clinton Town Council, I had the honor of serving with Councilman, and then Mayor, Matt Holt. He was thoroughly prepared at all times, and worked tirelessly for the benefit of his constituents." said Christenson. "I have nothing but the greatest respect for Mr. Holt's commitment to public service, and in particular, to the people he represented while serving in the Town of Clinton."

Holt has also collected the endorsement of John Mathieu, chairman of the Kingwood Planning Board and a GOP municipal committee member.

In the process of seeking county committee support on his way to competing in a special convention scheduled for Feb. 21, Holt is vying with Hunterdon County Freeholder Erik Peterson and Warren County Freeholder John DiMaio for what will be a vacant seat. Bloomsbury Mayor Mark Peck is also mulling a run. Holt unveils local support