How Bloomberg Plans to Cut $1 Billion

A corner stone of the mayor’s plan to close the city’s $4 billion budget gap is cutting the city’s expenses by about $1 billion

Here are some of the ways he plans to do that:

•Police: Reduction of uniform headcount by 1,000 – $48.9 million.

•Fire: Elimination of companies in dual company fire houses or eliminating fifth firefighter on 64 engines – $17.0 million.

•Transportation: Increasing rates for single space parking meters – $16.8 million.

•Children’s Services: Eliminating 549 child welfare positions – $15.5 million.

•Children’s Services: Reducing low priority child care services and foster care boarding home rates – $12.8 million.

•Parks: Reducing seasonal aides by 167 positions – $5.6 million.

•Libraries: Reducing City subsidy by 7 percent – $20.1 million.

•Aging: Reducing senior center funding by 5 percent – $5.3 million.


How Bloomberg Plans to Cut $1 Billion