Gossip Girl’s Kelly Rutherford’s Divorce Proceedings Intensify

The news coming out of the divorce dispute between the four-months-pregnant Gossip Girl actress Kelly Rutherford and her German businessman husband Daniel Giersch is getting stranger.

Last we checked up on the actress’s troubles, she was being held in Los Angeles, unable to return to the set of Gossip Girl until a judge gave her permission. (Ms. Rutherford wanted to take her 2-year-old son Hermes to New York with her, but Mr. Giersch objected because, he claims, she has anger issues and gets very stressed out while shooting.)

This afternoon, according to Us Weekly, the couple attended yet another custody hearing regarding Hermes, and whether he would be allowed to be with his mother in New York through March. When asked how Ms. Rutherford would feel about partial custody, the actress replied, "I think being away from my son would be the most stressful. It is very rare that I have spent an entire day away from him."

Mr. Giersch is also accusing his wife of signing a contract with Gossip Girl without his permission. "She signed her current contract for her show without my consent, and in fact with my expressed disapproval," he wrote in court documents.

The actress responded that she would leave Gossip Girl (!!) if it means keeping her son. "If I’m being asked to choose that over my son, I’d choose my son," she said.

But it seems that Ms. Rutherford may actually already be considering leaving GG for another CW show. According to her estranged husband, Ms. Rutherford has been offered a role in a CW revival of the 1990s show Melrose Place, on which she played the character Megan Lewis for several seasons.

"[Ms. Rutherford] told me before we separated that she had been offered a part on that show, which will be filming in Los Angeles, and she would be able to change shows, and continue to work for the same employer but in Los Angeles,” wrote Mr. Giersch. 

The hearing will continue tomorrow when the judge is expected to make a ruling regarding the custody battle. Maybe Rufus Humphrey will sweep in and save the day.

Gossip Girl’s Kelly Rutherford’s Divorce Proceedings Intensify