Is January the Cruellest Month?

It’s common knowledge by now that while December is a time of cinematic gluttony (is it wrong that we’re just a little nostalgic for those heady ’07 days of There Will Be Blood and No Country for Old Men? No offense Benjamin Button!), January is….well, certainly not a detox, but rather brain-numbing month-long dumping ground of movies the studios are ashamed to be seen with in the light of day.

Sure we got the chick-friendly Bride Wars, but what’s to explain Gary Oldman’s The Unborn? Mr. Oldman (and listen, we love this guy) plays a spiritual advisor to a young woman (Yvette Yustman) who is haunted by her – wait for it! — never-born twin (and eeeeeevil) brother! Gadzooks! Then, there’s a horror movie called My Blood Valentine 3-D which truly is in 3-D. Well, OK, we’re kinda excited about that one. Not so much for Kevin James in Paul Blart: Mall Cop (sigh). And why on earth would we go see any new Underworld movie without Scott Speedman in it?

But the biggest mystery to uncover this month has to be New In Town.Honestly, we check these movie release schedules fairly regularly and we have never before heard of this! It stars Renée Zellweger and Harry Connick, Jr. (oh, Harry…first P.S. I Love You and now this?) about a Miami career gal sent out to Minnesota…so cue the giant snow drifts, Fargo accents, and random cows! This trailer really speaks for itself, but speaking as a (cough) "city girl", we’re maybe offended? Is January the Cruellest Month?