John Liu’s Team for ’09: Lynch, Siegel, Lake, Mission Control

John Liu has signed Bill Lynch Associates to be the general consultants on his campaign for public advocate, a campaign aide confirmed.

“This is a very accomplished group of campaign strategists and partners who have signed on as a team for John Liu, the next public advocate,” said Chung Seto, a senior strategist on the campaign.

Liu has also signed up some other notable political talent.

Jimmy Siegel, who created commercials for Eliot Spitzer and Hillary Clinton, will do Liu’s commercials. Polls will be done by the Washington D.C.-based Celinda Lake, whose biography notes she’s particularly adept at “framing issues to women voters.”

Direct mail will be done by Mission Control, the Democratic firm that worked on Michael Nutter’s successful 2007 mayoral race in Philadelphia. (And I can’t pass up a chance to reference one of the company’s unique mailers.)

According to the last campaign finance filing in July, Liu raised $3,024,031. Other candidates who are also running include Eric Gioia, who raised $2,080,169; Bill de Blasio, who has $606,430; and attorney Norman Siegel, who has $141,856.

Former public advocate Mark Green said he’s considering another go, and City Councilwoman Jessica Lappin may also join the race.


John Liu’s Team for ’09: Lynch, Siegel, Lake, Mission Control