Jon Friedman Defends Palin Kids in Less Than a Minute

In his latest 42-second Media Web Minute, Jon Friedman goes all Chris Crocker and says what no other journalist or pundit would dare: Sarah Palin is right — leave her family alone.

According to Mr. Friedman, Sarah Palin, whom you might recall was once a candidate for the vice presidency of the United States, “[I]s fair game, of course, as a public figure. I think Palin is fine to be criticized and even mocked by Saturday Night Live—that’s okay. It’s all in good fun anyway. But her family is different. Leave them alone.”

In his accompanying column, Mr. Friedman asks his all-caps “MEDIA WEB QUESTION OF THE DAY”:

Are the media engaging in a double standard in the way they report on Sarah Palin and her family?

Perhaps they are, except for Michelle Malkin, The Chicago Tribune‘s John Kass, FOX News’ Sean Hannity, The American Spectator‘s Robert Stacy McCain, Mark Penn writing for The New York TimesCampaign Stops blog and someone named President-elect Barack Obama, who all requested similar hands-off treatment for Ms. Palin’s family in the last five months.


Jon Friedman Defends Palin Kids in Less Than a Minute