Kyrillos: ‘We need a leader like Chris Christie’

An old ally today sent up a trumpet blast of support for former U.S. Attorney Christopher Christie.

State Sen. Joseph Kyrillos (R-Monmouth), who swore Christie into office when he served as a Morris County Freeholder, says Christie looks and sounds like a Republican candidate for governor.

“I spent time over the weekend with my good friend… and I am very encouraged by what I heard,” Kyrillos said in an email he sent today to friends.

“Chris is being urged to run for governor by Republicans, Independents, and even some prominent Democrats,” Kyrillos wrote. “They’ve read what the newspapers wrote about what Chris achieved as our state’s U.S. Attorney, and they’re telling Chris that he can provide the leadership and make the tough decisions needed to fix our broken state.

“Chris’s record of integrity and effectiveness has been praised by virtually every paper in the state, as well as the New York Times and Philadelphia Inquirer,” the senator added. “By contrast, NJ Monthly’s January profile had this to say about Jon Corzine:It’s hard to imagine a governor more qualified to fix the state’s finances and less able to get the job done.’”

Kyrillos finished his memo with a prediction that Christie would get in the GOP primary for governor.

“Our state’s problems are too great, our taxes too high, our economy too distressed,” Kyrillos wrote. “We need a leader like Chris Christie. Stay tuned! I have a feeling we will hear some good news real soon.”

Kyrillos: ‘We need a leader like Chris Christie’