Liu Expands Presence in Chinese-Language Press

As the first Asian-American elected to city office, and one of the City Council's most prolific fund-raisers, John Liu has had a strong presence in Chinese-language media for a number of years.

Now, as a candidate for the citywide office of public advocate, he's expanding the map, but still investing mainly in highly targeted ethnic media outlets. It's striking to me, as someone who spends a lot of time looking at political news, how infrequently I come across these ads.

According to my calculations, using Liu’s latest campaign finance filing, he spent $14,944 on print ads, mostly in Chinese-language newspapers, and $3,246 on ads on Chinese-language radio.

The radio networks Liu is advertising on are Multicultural Radio Network (which boasts of being “the largest Asian American owned radio group as well as the largest Asian American owned television group in the U.S.”), Chinese Radio Network, and Chinese American Voice radio.

A majority of the $14,944 Liu spent on print ads in the last six months went to the newspapers Sino World Trade, China Press, World Journal, Ming Pao Daily News, Global Chinese Times and Chinese Consumer Weekly.

Local outlets got ads too, like the Queens Tribune and New York Community Times. Liu Expands Presence in Chinese-Language Press