Meeks Says It’s Not True, Others Say It Is

Even as all the major New York papers ran headlines across their web sites this evening reporting that Caroline Kennedy was dropping out of the race to replace Hillary Clinton in the Senate, Representative Gregory Meeks insisted Wednesday night that “it is not true.”


Meeks said he felt confident that the “stunning” reports were untrue because “I did some checking, and everybody that I checked with that was credible said it was not true.”

Meeks, who said he did not back any particular candidate to replace Clinton, would not name exactly who he had spoken with. He did say, though, that “the folks that I talked to in the governor’s office that I trust told me that it’s not true.”

“It doesn’t make sense and it’s not making sense to me,” he said. “Where it’s coming from? I don’t know. It doesn’t add up, and when you check it, nobody is saying that it’s true.”

Meeks is not the only one who is confused by the conflicting report.

By the 10 p.m. hour, the Daily News changed its headline from “Caroline Kennedy withdraws her name from consideration for Hillary Clinton's Senate seat” to “Is She In or Out?” Governor’s office had not returned multiple requests for comment. Kennedy’s consulting firm Knickerbocker SKD declined to comment.

At the same time, several well-placed Democrats spoke with certainty that Kennedy had withdrawn her name from consideration.

          One such source said that two members of New York’s Congressional delegation guaranteed that she was indeed out. The source said that the Times report, which attributed Kennedy’s decision to concerns about her uncle Teddy Kennedy’s deteriorating health, was “obviously a cover.”

“She needed a graceful way to get out, and this gives her a way out,” said the source. “She’s hasn’t been in contention for this for a long time.” Meeks Says It’s Not True, Others Say It Is