Mid-Morning Read: Bloomberg’s Pot Holes, Monserrate’s Defense, Kennedy’s Comparison

Michael Bloomberg hasn’t sought federal approval for his term-limits extension.

The latest state budget casualty: The Empire State Games.

Westchester officials are developing a wish list–before the budget fight gets rolling.

The New York Times editorial board says implementing the Brennan Center recommendations will be the Senate Democrats’ first challenge, and if successful, Assembly Democrats could be embarrassed into following suit. (Eliot Spitzer’s long-sought plan!)

Clyde Haberman hopes David Paterson doesn’t rush into a decision about picking a senator.

Caroline Kennedy is no home-mom returning to the work force, writes Rebecca Traister, who says, Kennedy is “applying the pressure of her family, her name, her legacy, to a boss who might also be considering hiring an equally qualified woman or man.”

Imagine: What if Blagojevich could have picked Kennedy?

Kennedy is “much less qualified,” than Blagojevich’s pick, says Boston Globe columnist H.D.S. Greenway.

Jay Gallagher images this about Kennedy: “like, um, if she got up on the Senate floor and made like, you know, a pitch that New York deserves federal bailout help because, um, you know, New York has taken the brunt of the financial meltdown and, besides, it’s not like New York has been treated, you know, fairly by Washington before either. We New Yorkers, you know, have been sending more money to the federal government for, like, decades than we have been like getting back.”

On Forbes.com, Joel Kotkin says Bloomberg, Charles Schumer, and “their proposed puppet Caroline Kennedy” shouldn’t protect executive bonuses for wealthy people in the finance sector.

Steve Israel and Carolyn Maloney, “seemed to be competing for who could meet with the most local of political officials in the area,” writes Jeremy Peters.

Kennedy’s spokesman said she’ll provide Paterson with any information about her finances that he requests.

Page Six recalls a funny quote Kennedy gave to White House reporters, at age six.

Israel said he was impressed with the cannolis in Utica.

A reportedly pending State Senate deal is similar to the last.

Pete King could get the NRSC committee endorsement in his Senate bid against…whoever.

In major trial, Albany D.A. David Soares asked news outlets to withhold the names of some witnesses.

After the upstate ice storm, Chuck Schumer is pushing for relief.

The judge in Brooklyn hearing the lawsuit against the term-limits extension did not give a date by which he’ll issue his ruling.

Anthony Weiner still has the $9,900 he got from the parents of Isaac Toussie.

Hiram Monserrate, who said he accidentally broke a glass on his girlfriend’s face, says the same Queens D.A. who arrested him didn’t so quickly arrest a retired NYPD officer who claimed his gun accidentally fired and killed a clerk in a deli in Astoria.

A lesson from Chris Ortloff: strip pensions from convicted public employees, the Plattsburgh Press-Republican says.

Avi Schick is leaving one title, but keeping another.

The mayor has, by one year, extended the deadline on his plan to preserve or create 165,000 units of affordable housing.

Scott Vanderhoef speaks out against a proposed state budget cut to the Hudson River Valley Greenway Council.

And here’s video of Bloomberg, filling pot holes.

Mid-Morning Read: Bloomberg’s Pot Holes, Monserrate’s Defense, Kennedy’s Comparison