Mid-Morning Read: Bloomberg’s Trip, Albany’s Committees, Bruno’s Resume

“Some day we’re going to learn how to run a damn election,” said Errol Louis on his radio show this morning, discussing the prolonged recount in Minnesota.

On Morning Joe, Jim Kramer said Chuck Schumer was “responsible” for a “lax” environment on Wall Street.

Tonight at 7:30 p.m. there’s a forum for candidate’s running for Hiram Monserrate’s City Council seat (at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, 82nd Street and 34th Avenue, Jackson Heights). [no link]

Michael Bloomberg was “whisked” into a bomb shelter during his visit to Israel.

“Let’s not overstate the risk to me,” Bloomberg said afterward.

“I feel safe here,” he also said.

Bloomberg distributed dolls to Israeli children injured by rocket fire.

Caroline Kennedy’s star power can’t fix New York’s budget problem, because Bloomberg spends too much, argues Nicole Gelinas.

Senate candidate and Representative Carolyn Maloney is in Syracuse, meeting with clergy.

Caroline is not a favorite of a bar crowd in blue-collar Buffalo.

David Session argues against appointing Kennedy to the Senate.

Psychology Today gives a deep read on Kennedy’s “you knows.”

Ellis Henican explains how Kennedy plotted her path to the Senate.

Noreen O’Donnell says Kennedy needs to explain what she stands for.

At 95, a former Albany alderman is recognized for his service.

To fill a secretary post in Albany, a Democrat and a Republican are appointment.

The Seneca nation is moving on the Catskill casino.

For a SUNY Research Foundation job, Joe Bruno’s daughter submitted a flimsy resume.

Gas drilling in the Southern Tier will be an issue for a long time.

Buffalo News editorial board: retiring Education Commissioner Mills can be proud of his record.

The Syracuse Post-Standard doesn’t want the next senator to forget about upstate.

David Paterson will travel to Watertown next weekend.

This session of the state legislature will be “once-in-a-millennium,” Blair Horner tells G.N.S.

As tolls rise, the Thruway Authority studies streamlining operations.

Lynn Brenner says New York City and New York State bonds are still a good buy.

Bloomberg wants a shorter ULURP process.

Bloomberg’s plans for Coney Island face a hurdle: developer Joe Sitt is grabbing more land.

The gang of three still is unwilling to support Malcolm Smith as majority leader, reports Liz Benjamin.

Senate Republicans want to hire staffers who’ll help them recapture the majority.

“He’s got a rage in him that’s pretty crazy,” Republican Marty Golden said of his soon-to-be Senate colleague, Democrat Hiram Monserrate.

Legislative committees in Albany “held almost no hearings and produced exactly zero detailed reports on major legislation,” says the Brennan Center.

Fifty percent of City Council candidates who planned to run before term limits were extended are continuing with their campaigns, reports Courtney Gross.

A budget fight in Nassau has led to a shortage of police cars.

The state’s budget is forcing parks and historic sites to reduce their hours, increase fees and stop hiring.

Smithtown Councilwoman Patricia Biancaniello said it’s “unwise” to have only one woman on the local planning board.

There are fewer women in the Putnam County Legislature than any time before.

Cross Harbor supporters get a warm reception in Brooklyn.

The 7 line causes frustration in Queens.

The artist who did George Pataki’s portrait said it was the easiest he’s ever done.

Crain’s provides humorous New Year’s resolutions.

Maureen Dowd is hosting an inauguration party honoring David Geffen, a key backer of Barack Obama.

And here’s video of Michael Bloomberg’s interview with CNN about his trip to Israel.

Mid-Morning Read: Bloomberg’s Trip, Albany’s Committees, Bruno’s Resume