Mid-Morning Read: Giuliani for Bloomberg, Volker’s New Reality

Jonathan Lippman is David Paterson's pick for New York's next chief judge.

Picking Caroline Kennedy for senate would signal a "non-aggression pact" between Paterson and Michael Bloomberg, says Wayne Barrett.

Andrea Peyser makes the case for Andrew Cuomo as senator.

Cuomo spoke to Paterson about the seat, according to sources.

Bypassing Kennedy?

She tentatively agreed to speak to a local Democratic club in the Bronx.

Whoever he picks, Paterson has to explain his decision.

Assembly Minority Leader Jim Tedisco has a bill that would take the decision out of his hands.

Rudy Giuliani announced his support for Bloomberg yesterday morning on Fox.

"He is so sincere that it is scary," Norman Seabrook said of Barack Obama, on Inside City Hall last night.

On the radio this morning, Errol Louis said Jon Corzine is a rich politician who is underperforming and should be voted out of office. "You want to underfund government pensions? What are you crazy?" Louis also heaped praised Corzine's Republican challenger, Chris Christie.

Anthony Weiner evolves on the issue of pensions.

Jonathan Hicks is no longer at The New York Times.

The Times editorial board supports Senator Richard Lugar's effort to get more disclosure of the donors to Bill Clinton's foundation.

During a budget hearing, Environmental Conservation Commissioner Pete Grannis said the environmental protection fund will be scaled back to its "core mission."

Counties across the state saw a five percent drop in sales tax revenue during the last three months of 2008.

Woe is Dale Volker, who has been a Republican state senator since 1975.

The Seneca Nation is threatening tolls on the Thruway in tax dispute with state.

The Times laments that Bloomberg hasn't joined Gale Brewer's crusade against bed bugs.

The Yankee Stadium deal is the new West Side Stadium: a political liability for Michael Bloomberg.

Jim Dwyer says the 1,000 "permanent new jobs" coming out of Yankee Stadium is more like 22 permanent jobs. 

The New York Post editorial board slams Richard Brodsky for assailing the project.

A federal stimulus could yield more cops for New York, Anthony Weiner hopes.

Incoming: internet sales tax clears legal hurdle.

Helen Sears pays, finally, for a scholarship award her office was sponsoring.

The City Council considers overturning a ban on nativity scenes in public schools.

Two hospitals in Queens are going bankrupt.

"He called their bluff and won," Michael Lanza writes of Malcolm Smith and the Gang of Three.

The Syracuse Post-Standard wants to see Rockefeller drug law reform sooner rather than later.

A 110-game winning streak, in the Bronx.

And don't worry: Gary Ackerman is safe.

Here's video of Bill Thompson saying Michael Bloomberg is silencing the will of the people: Mid-Morning Read: Giuliani for Bloomberg, Volker’s New Reality