Mid-Morning Read: Kennedy’s Support, Markowitz’s Chocolate, Lee’s Vote

On the radio this morning, Michael Bloomberg referred to Anthony Weiner, who claimed credit for bringing federal money to New York, saying, “He’s just one of a bunch of people that worked on it.”

The New York Post endorses Caroline Kennedy for Senate, which is weird, because the paper did the same thing last month.

In hypothetical match-ups, Kennedy and Andrew Cuomo both beat Rudy Giuliani and Peter King.

A hearing in the last State Senate race today.

Seneca leader are open to Paterson’s call for meeting, but not please with claims that Senecas get benefits from being in New York.

Officials canceled a $2 billion contract for statewide radio system that wasn’t working.

A state audit of Central New York Disability services should have come sooner, the Post-Standard thinks.

Representative Chris Lee voted yes on S-CHIP.

The Humane Society is standing behind at least one of David Paterson’s cuts.

Clyde Haberman was not impressed with Bloomberg’s speech yesterday.

David Chen said it could easily be mistaken for a campaign speech.

He didn’t talk about cutting labor costs, noted Nicole Gelinas.

“How could a mayor give a State of the City address in these times without saying how he'll balance the budget?” asks Barry Popik.

Anthony Weiner wants to use federal stimulus money to protect the streets.

Citigroup, a major employer in Queens, lost a lot of money.

The Times editorial board says the mayoral election is about whether people think Bloomberg can get Albany to pass his bills.

John Riley doesn’t think Rick Lazio is a formidable candidate.

Marty Markowitz spends a lot of money on chocolate.

And here’s Anthony Weiner at Al Sharpton’s Martin Luther King celebration in Harlem last night.


Mid-Morning Read: Kennedy’s Support, Markowitz’s Chocolate, Lee’s Vote