Mid-Morning Read: Obama’s Honeymoon, Reminders in Harlem

Domenic Recchia declares the beginning of the "Barack Obama Dynasty."

Michael Bloomberg “cut through the police barricades and the crowd” to get to a dinner in Washington Monday night, reports Page Six.

In Washington, City Councilman John Liu met former president Bill Clinton, and posted the photos on Facebook.

The reason Rudy Giuliani lost the presidential race is exactly the reason he could be a strong gubernatorial candidate against David Paterson, says this writer.

The site JeworNotJew.com gives Bloomberg a higher rating than Ed Koch or Eliot Spitzer.

Adam Nagourney says the public may accept delays on some Obama promises, but not on Iraq or Guantanamo.

Errol Louis asks, “The political question of the hour is what the millions of people fired up by Obama will do next?”

Wall Street is “wounded,” but still helping pay for the inauguration.

The Buffalo News says Obama was speaking not just to the nation, but to the world.

Writing on Fox.com, KT McFarland defended former president George W. Bush's record.

David Paterson is close to making up his mind about who to pick for the Senate. Although that's been true for awhile.

Gillibrand unabashedly supports "hunting rights."

Paterson downplayed criticism about Kirsten Gillibrand’s record on guns.

In Harlem, Dan Janison found campaign leaflets reminding people that Caroline Kennedy endorsed Obama.

Hilary Clinton is expected to be confirmed today.

Paterson may announce his selection by Saturday.

He will talk to campaign supporters Thursday night.

Andrew Cuomo, like it or not, is a contender.

Tom Suozzi said he’ll propose $20 million in layoffs.

Bill Thompson returned $500 from Isaac Toussie.

Eric Schneiderman will propose a bill to raise taxes on the rich.

Tom Golisano started a petition against high taxes.

New York reporters and political people gather for drinks on February 5.

John Mancini returned to Newsday yesterday, saying Cablevision won’t influence the paper’s coverage.

Google ends the two-year program that placed ads in newspapers.

Rockland County legislators unanimously passed a resolution in support of Israel and denouncing Hamas.

Some bus passengers arrived in Washington 15 minutes after Obama’s inauguration.

Images of the inauguration viewing from the Bronx.

Celebrities grabbed front-row seats.

Republicans, to the beach.

"Travel Like Barack Obama."

One part of the economy that is growing: the “layoff industry.”

  Mid-Morning Read: Obama’s Honeymoon, Reminders in Harlem