Mid-Morning Read: Paterson’s ‘Gloomy Poetry”

If fund-raising is the main concern, Caroline Kennedy is not the only viable candidate.

Her rollout has “not been a profile in competence,” according to the American Spectator.

The state of the state is perilous.

Here’s a full transcript of David Paterson’s speech from yesterday.

The New York Times editorial board said there was a “glaring omission” in Paterson’s State of the State speech on the issue of campaign finance reform and redistricting.

Fred Dicker notes Paterson devoted “not one word” to the appointments of senator and chief judge.

Newsday notes Paterson didn’t mention Long Island.

“A pity” that Paterson didn’t talk about controlling state spending, writes the Post.

The Daily News editorial board is not impressed with the speech.

The speech was “a lot like the sugary soda he wants to tax – – too much fizzy sweet stuff and practically zero nutritional value,” writes Bill Hammond.

The Syracuse Post-Standard called it “gloomy poetry.”

And before the speech, Democrats officially took control the State Senate.

Dean Skelos’s demotion was scratched into place.

Mario Cuomo dreamily said he would have settled for such an arrangement for six months.

Hiram Monserrate is a state senator “for the long haul,” he says.

All the top state officials are now from downstate, Gannett points out.

And a bill calls for looking at the State of Long Island.

Although the state is in a “perilous” situation, Paterson struck a “hopeful” tone, said Ruth Hassell-Thompson.

Paterson offered a “meager list of proposals,” writes James Madore.

“I just hope that this doesn’t become the State of New York City,” said Tom Libous.

Space is filled for the viewing reception at City Hall for Obama’s inauguration.

David Yassky is looking for campaign interns for his “Hotly contested city-wide race for NYC Comptroller.”

Elliot Sander forgoes his pay raise this year.

And here’s a video of State Senator Tom Morahan on life in the minority.


Mid-Morning Read: Paterson’s ‘Gloomy Poetry”