Mid-Morning Read: State of the State Doubts, Kennedy in Brooklyn

A writer in Our Town says Caroline Kennedy is "just like us," and explains, "Like a lot of New York women, she's educated, married, takes care of her family and avidly fundraises."

Kennedy met with African-American elected officials in Brooklyn after she met with David Paterson for a formal interview.

In Watertown, the governor called 2009 "the year of bad medicine" but says we must follow the prescription.

Elizabeth Moore makes the case for Andrew Cuomo.

The prospect of Richard Brodsky as attorney general could sink Cuomo's hopes for the Senate.

Sean Hannity tells Newsday's Verne Gay that hosting the show without his former co-host Alan Colmes "gives the show a better flow of the conversation."

A spokesman for Michael Bloomberg declined to say if the mayor will continue supporting Republican state senators.

A blogger at The Albany Project thanks the Gang of Three.

A four-day workweek to help plug the state's budget is one idea.

Anthony Weiner barnstormed the city yesterday.

As an intern Hillary Clinton's was anti-war.

Cut jobs, says the New York Post editorial board.

Some Public Integrity Commission members hired criminal defense attorneys in response to an ongoing probe.

The Times Union is "glad" to see Bloomberg "brushed back a bit, frankly."

 The Staten Island Advance editorial board doubts voters will be too upset about Bloomberg's extension of term limits, and will "recognize" that Bloomberg "is in the best position to pilot the city through the tough years ahead."

Jacob Gershman says Paterson is "mistaken" for emphasizing "a random health scare" over the state's economy.

That diluted his message, some experts argue.

The Daily News editorial board has suggestions for Malcolm Smith.

State Senator Joe Robach is accused of push-polling in a flier.

State Senator George Winner is a broken record, saying "upstate, upstate, upstate."

Nassau County legislators have a lot to do.

Tech guys are saving The New York Times.

The mayor of Las Vegas wants to get around his city's term limits laws.

Sarah Palin wasn't wrong about something.

Jennifer Lopez is in trouble for not supporting Obama earlier.

Below, Michael Bloomberg and Malcolm Smith in their first sit-down since Smith became the State Senate majority leader:

Mid-Morning Read: State of the State Doubts, Kennedy in Brooklyn