Paterson Not Thrilled With Post-Hillary Options

WASHINGTON — Whoever David Paterson picks to replace Hillary Clinton in the Senate, he is apparently not thrilled about the choice.

At a party celebrating Barack Obama’s inauguration for New York elected officials and power brokers at the Smithsonian last night, Paterson introduced Hillary Clinton by saying she would be sorely missed.

“In the midst of all the firsts we would like to celebrate a last,” said Paterson. “This is the last time that one of the all-time favorite public officials in New York will see us as senator of our state. But like so many events in her career, a last has only been a prelude to another first. She will distinguish herself and this country when she is confirmed on Wednesday as the United States secretary of state.”

Then he went negative.

“Never, in my opinion, in American history, has an individual who ran for office in 2000, and was questioned about the capabilities, ascended to such an extent that we can’t even find an apt replacement,” he said.

The crowd laughed and Paterson paused, looking very content with himself. A few seconds later, the New York press corps, which watched the proceedings from the entrance of the room, was kicked out.

Paterson is expected to make his selection very soon after Clinton’s appointment. Paterson Not Thrilled With Post-Hillary Options