Paterson Source: Caroline Was ‘Overwhelmed’

According to a source close to the governor, there was a high degree of frustration in the Paterson camp as the events leading to Caroline Kennedy's withdrawal from the race to replace Hillary Clinton in the Senate unfolded Wednesday.

In contrast to a version of events offered by two sources in the Kennedy camp, the person close to Paterson said that Kennedy did not withdraw her name from consideration during an initial early afternoon call to the governor. Instead, the source said, she reached out to the governor to express an uncertainty about whether she should take the job and a sense of being overwhelmed by the entire process, to which Paterson suggested that she take 24 hours to think things over. At 11 pm, according to the source close to Paterson, she called the governor to say that she was preparing a statement restating her interest in the position.

According to the source, the governor first heard her mention the phrase "withdrawing my name from consideration" when the world did, which is to say a few minutes after midnight when her spokesman sent out a statement to reporters.

Reflecting the frustration in the Paterson camp, the source said that Kennedy's handling of the matter demonstrated why she perhaps would not have been the ideal pick. Instead, the source said, Paterson would announce his selection tomorrow at noon in Albany. Paterson Source: Caroline Was ‘Overwhelmed’