Senate Republicans Walk Away

ALBANY—In what seems more and more likely to be their last conference as their chamber’s majority, State Senate Republicans exited a closed-door session earlier this evening with minimal fanfare, to say the least.

Majority Leader (for now, anyway) Dean Skelos did not speak to reporters gathered outside his suite of offices.

Reports that Malcolm Smith has managed to cut a deal with renegade senators, securing the votes he needs to become the new majority leader, have swirled all day.

State Senator Marty Golden of Brooklyn said as he waited for the elevator, “If we’re in the majority, the Republicans will work with the Democrats and the governor to help this state get back in a confident way. If it is the opposite, we will work with the Democrats and the governor to make sure that, now, the state is balanced and we’ll get the state where it should be.”

He was asked if there was a hint of concession in the Republicans tonight, and replied, “No comment.”

Golden also said he was unsure whether his resolution calling on the chamber not to seat State Senator-elect Hiram Monserrate, who is facing a felony assault charge, would be acted on tomorrow.

The Democrats are in conference now, and expect details around 7 p.m.

Senate Republicans Walk Away