Sheekey’s Whereabouts, Made Simple(r)

City Hall released Deputy Mayor Kevin Sheekey’s schedule this evening, in reponse to Freedom of Information requests from me and

City Hall released Deputy Mayor Kevin Sheekey’s schedule this evening, in reponse to Freedom of Information requests from me and other reporters.

Here, from Sheekey’s schedule from July 2, 2007 to January 11, 2009, are a few notable entires:

Sheekey and other top aides to the mayor met in City Hall at 11 a.m. on February 12, 2008 to discuss “the chairs of the Campaign Finance Board & Charter Review Commission." That was one of the last times the Charter Review Commission appeared on Sheekey’s schedule. Bloomberg later was criticized for never empanelling it, and for citing its lack of existence as the reason the term-limits bill had to be voted on by the City Council rather than in a public referendum.

On April 9, Sheekey met with Howard Rubenstein, the PR guru. It doesn’t say what the subject of the meeting was, and Rubenstein, as many of you no doubt know, does many things for many people. One of them was to help roll out news that Bloomberg wanted to extend term limits.

On May 07, Sheekey had lunch at Takahachi on Duane Street with a person only identified as “Hank.” A City Hall spokesman later said that it was probably Hank Sheinkopf, who is widely known as a Democratic operative but also lobbies for many clients who do business with the city.

From August 25, 2008 – the day Bloomberg donated to the state Independence party, to September 1, 2008 – the only events on Sheekey’s schedule are two 30-minute meetings, where the attendees and subject are not identified.

No other events are listed for those eight days.

During those 10 days, the New York Times reported that the mayor was meeting privately with newspaper publishers to court their support for his plan to extend term limits and run for re-election.

The day after Bloomberg’s October 1 announcement that he intended to seek an extension of term limits, Sheekey met with Howard Wolfson at the Gee Whiz Diner. Wolfson was later hired by Bloomberg’s re-election campaign.

Eight days after the Mayor announced his plan to extend term limits, Sheekey was scheduled to meet with Kathy Wylde, head of the Partnership for New York City – a business association that is closely allied with the mayor. In the notes for that meeting, it says the two will “catch up on everything.”

On October 29, Sheekey met with Nancy Jacobson and Mark Penn, who was Hillary Clinton’s top campaign strategist.

Sheekey met with Special Agent David Yorn on Monday, December 29, at City Hall. The subject of that meeting was not provided.

And, in the spirit of transparency, one entry of strictly parochial interest, from June 30th: breakfast with New York Times reporter Michael Barbaro and then lunch with, um, me.

Sheekey’s Whereabouts, Made Simple(r)