Silver Recognizes the Passion of Carolyn McCarthy

Before Kirsten Gillibrand’s selection as senator was widely reported last night, I asked Sheldon Silver about the vow to run against her made by Representative Carolyn McCarthy of Long Island.

“One thing it shows clearly is Carolyn McCarthy is very passionate about the issues she believes in,” he said. He went to say not everyone will agree with everyone on everything.

Gillibrand has a 100 percent rating from the National Rifle Association; McCarthy’s husband has killed by a random shooting spree on the Long Island Rail Road before she was elected.

Silver was on 103rd Street in Manhattan at a two-day conference where he vowed to make substantive reforms to the state’s Rockefeller Drug sentencing laws.

Before he returned to to the event, I asked him if thought the unsuccessful senate bid by Caroline Kennedy somehow blemished one of her biggest (unofficial) backers, Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Silver said he didn’t know and said I should ask the mayor. Then, after I turned off my camera and Silver began walking out of the room, he turned back and said, jokingly, “Maybe Kevin Sheekey.”

Those two have a strained history. Silver Recognizes the Passion of Carolyn McCarthy