Sunday, February 1

Apparently there’s a major athletic event going on today? While the men of New York don sports jerseys and crowd midtown bars, dodging texting girlfriends and Twittering trollops (same as any other weekend!), Peggy Siegal slaps on a pound of moxie and busts a nut at the Oak Room at the Plaza, gathering literati and socialites for her Super Bowl fete. But don’t come lookin’ for banker meatheads, ladies! Ms. Siegal has wrangled a spry, bookish bunch: Lewis Lapham, Morgan Entrekin, Gay Talese and Ken Auletta, as well as gallerist Larry Gagosian, chat man Charlie Rose, Pink Floyd flamingo Roger Waters and, of course, Sports Illustrated editor Terry McDonell, whom we tackled for this confession: “I haven’t been to a Super Bowl since I’ve been at this job. What I used to do was go to whatever city the game was in and host a party. There would be swimsuit models, advertisers, a very big party, on Saturday night. I’d get up early Sunday and fly home an watch the game on TV and determine what our coverage would be.” Needless to say, swimsuit models were probably not in the budget this year. “I mean, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but we’ve had a little blip in the economy,” barked Mr. McDonell, knocking us back a good three feet. Good thing they’ve ordered some socialites instead! Among those dressing down in “casual chic” and sure to be overheard telling Mr. Talese they “absolutely loved Bonfire of the Vanities” while sucking down potato skins at the Oak Room will be dermo-socialite Lisa Airan, Dabney Mercer (the mini-Tinz), Minnie Mortimer, Ali Wise and prodigious-Ronson-spawning Ann Dexter-Jones.

[Super Bowl Party at the Oak Room, the Plaza, 10 Central Park South, 5 p.m., invite only] Sunday, February 1