Super Bowl XLIII Preview: Forget the Game, What About the Movie Trailers?

We all know the old adage that most people only watch the Super Bowl to see the commercials. Fair enough; but that will especially be true on Sunday, as Super Bowl XLIII sees the Pittsburgh Steelers battle the Arizona Cardinals in a matchup that seemed about as believable before the season started as whatever time-travel shenanigans are happening on the current season of Lost. Seriously, the Arizona Cardinals? Nothing says Super Bowl like a nine-win team. Anyway! Since we don’t particularly care about commercials featuring talking babies and Budweiser, our focus will be directed toward Hollywood. Super Bowl XLIII promises to be a smorgasbord of movie trailers, and, thankfully, our friends at Cinemablend have laid out what we can expect to see on that front come Sunday night. Here are the top three trailers to watch out for during the game.

Pixar’s Up

We’re already predisposed to dislike Up simply because it’s a Pixar movie. Blasphemy, we know. But even though we understand the company makes quality movies, we simply cannot take the irrational fawning that accompanies them. People don’t just love these movies; they treat them like oxygen. It’s all a little too much. The latest Pixar offering tells the story of an old widower (the voice of Ed Anser) who elevates his house with a ton of balloons so he can go travel the world. Expect this to cause hyperventilating. Think Gran Torino without all the pesky racism.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Full disclosure here: We love Transformers. Oh, we know it’s total crap. But what terrific crap it is! Michael Bay’s overloaded 2007 summer blockbuster is one of the most entertaining mindless action films to come out in the last five years. The sequel, featuring Shia LaBeouf, Megan Fox and a host of giant transforming robots, promises to be bigger, badder and more ridiculous. Consider us excited.

Land of the Lost

How many more Semi-Pro‘s and Step Brothers’ can fans of Will Ferrell be forced to sit through before they riot in the streets like union workers in France? Thankfully, Mr. Ferrell has decided to branch out with his next film, going the family route with a remake of the Sid and Marty Krofft television series Land of the Lost. Figure on Sleestak’s, dinosaurs and at least one or two dick jokes. Come on, it’s a Will Ferrell movie. Old habits die hard.

Super Bowl XLIII Preview: Forget the Game, What About the Movie Trailers?