Swinging North, Maloney Recounts Meeting With Paterson

ALBANY—Just before embarking on a tour through upstate cities this weekend, Representative Carolyn Maloney said in a radio interview that she had a one-on-one interview with David Paterson to make the case that she be appointed to the U.S. Senate.

“I did meet with the governor. He requested a meeting,” Maloney told Northeast Public Radio’s Alan Chartock on the weekly show, The Capitol Connection. “It was his meeting, so I will leave it to him to characterize it and talk about it. It was not my meeting but I was delighted to be invited to meet with him, and he has said publicly that there will be no appointment until Senator Clinton is confirmed as the secretary of state.”

Maloney has been direct in expressing her desire for the seat, but was upstaged over the past two weeks by Caroline Kennedy, who grabbed headlines – and criticismin her own tour of Rochester, Syracuse and Buffalo. This weekend, Maloney followed the same path (she’s in Rochester today).

Maloney has been endorsed by several women’s groups and most recently, Gloria Steinem.

A spokeswoman for Paterson said the governor is having conversations with “a number of people.”

Last week, Paterson met with Assemblyman Danny O’Donnell about the Senate appointment, and he has also spoken to Representative Steve Israel, who is also planning an upstate trip.

Paterson said on New Year’s Day, “I’ve only met with people who are willing to publicize that they had the meeting with me themselves.”

Maloney told Chartock that “it’s not a campaign, it’s an appointment.” (The Buffalo News has a more complete Q&A here.)

“At this point, all of us who are honored to be mentioned on a list of names that he’s considering, I think it’s best that we just concentrate on our day to day jobs,” Maloney said in the radio interview.

Swinging North, Maloney Recounts Meeting With Paterson