Tatiana Boncompagni’s New Novel Hedge Fund Wives Hits Close to Home

Earlier this month, galleys of society gal and supposed Italian nobility descendant Tatiana Boncompagni’s second novel Hedge Fund Wives (due in May from Avon/HarperCollins) arrived on book reviewers’ cluttered desks.

The accompanying press materials read, in part:

“As the scandal involving Bernard Madoff has shown, Americans are not only interested in learning the mechanics of the financial world, they love to peek inside the lives of its movers and shakers. And as recent events show us, even the richest and most fabulous members of the hedge fund community are not immune to economic stability: The fall from the top can be a long (and entertaining) one.”

Ms. Boncompagni’s novel is set against the backdrop of a downward economy which ultimately leads a wealthy hedge fund wife to cheat on her husband after he loses much of his hedge fund money.

Here’s how Ms. Boncompagni describes the hedge fund wife named Ainsley: 

"Just like Gigi, the clouds of economic uncertainty were reigning all over Ainsley’s parade, but unlike Gigi, who was a mother, author, and business woman, there really was nothing more to Ainsley than her social status. It was the house of cards upon which all was built. And now that Peter’s fund had gone belly-up, she would have nothing if it disappeared. Absolutely nothing"

But now it looks like Ms. Boncompagni herself may be experiencing a certain fiscal fallout from her family’s hedge fund. In fact, it may be the reason that the copyright infringement lawsuit filed by Ms. Boncompagni against her older sister, Natasha Boncompagni, in October is temporarily on hold. (Natasha claimed that as a former Wall Streeter, she contributed to the novel and demanded co-authorship credit; in turn, Tatiana and HarperCollins sued Natasha, alleging that she only provided background material for the story.)   

"Our family has decided to put our differences behind us in order to unite behind my sister and her two young children as she faces the impending litigation associated with the business dealings of her father-in-law, Fred Kolber, a founding partner of the Fairfield Greenwich Group,” Natasha told the Daily Transom.

Ms. Boncompagni is married to Maximilian Hoover and is the daughter-in-law of actress Camilla Sparv (The Italian Job, The Greek Tycoon). Mr. Kolber, Ms. Sparv’s third husband—she was previously married to Hollywood producer Robert Evans and Maximilian’s father, vacuum heir Herbert Hoover III–worked with Walter Noel at the hedge fund which recently lost some $7 billion to Mr. Madoff. (The novel’s press release names Walter and Monica Noel as acquaintances of the author.) Coincidentally, the hedge fund is also where Natasha was briefly employed and where she presumably garnered some of the insidery observations that allowed her to have "input into her sister’s novel."

Natasha added that her sister and their entire family were not aware that investment returns received by Mr. Kolber and Ms. Sparv were generated by Mr. Madoff’s fraudulent practices.

The Fairfield Greenwich Group did not respond to several calls from Daily Transom to verify Mr. Kolber’s involvement with the fund in the recent years. Emails to Tatiana have also gone unanswered. Tatiana Boncompagni’s New Novel Hedge Fund Wives Hits Close to Home