The City, Making Do

I’m in Brooklyn College, where Michael Bloomberg will deliver his State
of the City speech, laying out an ambitious plan to create 400,000 jobs over amid a full-blown financial crisis.

The mayor will also emphasize his goal of maintaining the city’s high quality of life, even as he scales back the size of the incoming generation of fire and police officers.

Chairman of the City Council’s Public Safety Committee, Peter Vallone Jr., said the crime-fighting efforts the mayor will announce “continue
the mayor’s long track record of using innovative ideas and cutting-edge technology, but they need to go hand in hand with an adequate police presence on the street, which we don’t have.”

Vallone got a briefing on the speech this morning. A prepared version of the speech is embargoed until delivery.

Some things are obvious, though: the city has no money, and so much of what will be announced today will be updates of initiatives that are already underway.

City Councilwoman Melinda Katz made that point to me, and asked, considering the economic circumstance, “Isn’t that good news?” The City, Making Do