The Pheasants Are Saved! For the Hunters

ALBANY—As is turns out, more hunters vote than pheasants.

The governor's office just announced David Paterson is looking to keep open the Reynolds Pheasant Farm, outside of Ithaca, despite earlier plans to close the state-run facility and hand out the birds. Apparently, there was not, in fact, a pheasant in every pot this Christmas.

"The state has long recognized the economic impact hunters and their industry provide for New York State," said Governor Paterson in a press release. "I am pleased that sportsmen and women have joined us to help find creative ways to weather the state's fiscal crisis while preserving programs important to them."

Contrast that with how the announcement that the farm would close was spun. This is from a press release on December 14:

"While I understand the economic and recreational importance of pheasant hunting to many of New York's outdoor enthusiasts, we must focus our limited resources in this difficult fiscal crisis and look for innovative ways to meet the needs of the people of the State," said Governor Paterson. "The closure of the Reynolds Game Farm presents us with one such opportunity. We are able to both take action to assist in closing our record budget deficit and also offer struggling families nutritional food this holiday season and into the New Year."


The Pheasants Are Saved! For the Hunters