Watch Out, GVHS: At New Ultra-Private School, Your Kid’s the Only Student!

It seems that Aimee Bell and her well-connected friends at Greenwich Village High School aren’t the only ones trying to bring an alternative form of schooling to New York’s privileged children.

Sunday’s Page Six Magazine introduced the world to Melissa Meyer and Teri Flemal. Along with her husband, a band manager who has worked with Metallica and the Rolling Stones, Ms. Meyer decided to home school their three children a few years ago; Ms. Flemal is the "award-winning" teacher the couple found to teach their kids.

In 2008, Ms. Meyer’s kids–twins Hannah and Eli, 14, and Jona, 13–were accepted at Fieldston; she and her husband wanted the kids to return to private school for a "traditional high school experience." It was then that Ms. Meyer and Ms. Flemal decided to start a home-schooling education service called QED (Quality Education by Design), a consulting firm that pairs parents of children in pre-K through middle school with private teachers. 

Much like Ms. Bell’s special high school that promises writing lessons from Pulitzer-Prize playwrights, study-abroad programs, and possibly a later start-time in the morning than other private schools, the QED program has an equal share of superior education techniques. 

For example: QED "has little to do with earth mamas teaching hippie spawn. Instead, try field trips to Egyptian pyramids. Visits to the Louvre. Harp lessons from a member of the New York Philharmonic."

Furthermore, parents can adjust their children’s education to be focused on any number of artistic endeavors such as filmmaking or acting. And if the parents need to travel for work to Europe, the tutor will simply tag along. (Some parents apparently take the homeschooling concept so seriously that they insist that their children wear uniforms with school logos on them while studying at home.) 

The price of this education is "about the same as the average private school tuition in Manhattan" (about $30,000). Current students include 14-year-old actress Ellen Marlow and the two boys of J. Crew co-founder Emily Scott and her husband Tom, one of the founders of Nantucket Nectars. 

As Ms. Flemal tells the magazine, this model is "the ultimate private school." Just what Manhattan needs.

Watch Out, GVHS: At New Ultra-Private School, Your Kid’s the Only Student!