Wednesday, January 28

“The novel is about four women banding together to take on the evil dean,” said Joanne Rendell of her new book, The Professors’ Wives’ Club, an urban parable about a big bad university trying to bulldoze Greenwich Village. “I’m a professor’s wife, so the inspiration came from my life,” continued Ms. Rendell, who reads tonight at the Jefferson Market Library as part of a Women Authors of Greenwich Village series. “My son and I go to a playground on Bleecker Street and I remember thinking how awful it would be if our little shady spot was bulldozed!” Oh, to be worried about nothing but shady little spots right now! Ms. Rendell, a London transplant, then waxed poetic on her quaint, quiet hood: “Living in East Village is literally like living in a village. I’m always bumping into someone I know. … New York is not so different from London, but I was amazed at how friendly people here are. I was expecting everybody to be pushy and busy.” (You’ve just caught us all between jobs, honey.)

[An Evening With Joanne Rendell, Jefferson Market Library, 425 Avenue of the Americas, 6:30 p.m., 212-475-9585, ext. 35] Wednesday, January 28