Weekend in Review: Powell’s Inspiration, Bloomberg’s Bitter Republicans

Here’s all there is to read about Barack Obama’s train ride to Washington, which he just completed.

“In some ways, Obama’s job is already bigger and more complex than [Franklin Delano] Roosevelt’s,” writes Michael McAuliff.

On Wednesday, right after the inauguration, Obama will meet with military advisers.

Michelle Obama writes an op-ed for Army Times.

According to the findings of a New York Times poll, Obama is “riding a powerful wave of optimism.”

Hugo Chavez does not feel the same.

Colin Powell writes an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal praising  Obama’s “Renew America Together” program, and writing, “Particularly in hard times like these, we are charged with living up to our shared responsibility to one another.”

Bill Thompson is going to the inauguration, he Twitters.

Senator John Cornyn may try to delay Hillary Clinton’s confirmation, and is calling for more restrictions on Bill’s fund-raising.

“Peeved” Republicans may want to put John Catsimatidis, not Michael Bloomberg, on the ballot.

Dan Maffei, the freshman congressman from Rochester, got a seat on the House Judiciary Committee./

Eric Massa will sit on two House Agricultural Sub-Committees.

Assemblyman Danny O’Donnell is trying to stop Columbia from demolishing historic Morningside Heights buildings. (via QC)

A Sheepshead Bay blogger wants more information about proposed M.T.A. service cuts, and encourages neighbors to show up at the public hearing on January 28.

The Washington Post publishes an op-ed from a former mayor of Providence, who is calling for construction of high-speed rail between Washington and Boston.

Potheads will not interfere with the confirmation of Eric Holder, but they will think about trying.

A lot of land in Utah was about to go up for oil and gas exploration, but a federal judge has issued a restraining order.

Weekend in Review: Powell’s Inspiration, Bloomberg’s Bitter Republicans