Weekend in Review: Richardson Steps Out, Bloomberg Goes to Israel, Maloney Heads Upstate

Bill Richardson withdrew his name from nomination for commerce secretary.

Gary Ackerman, Ray Kelly and Michael Bloomberg are in Israel today, back tomorrow.

They were at one point rushed to a bomb shelter.

David Paterson is backing off early budget deadlines.

Carolyn Maloney, not to be left out, has launched her own upstate campaign swing.

Michael Daly defends Caroline Kennedy‘s eloquence.

Kennedy did not have to file financial disclosure forms while fund-raising for public schools.

According to Adam Lisberg, “nobody really thinks Sheekey just wants to spend more time with his family.”

Charlie Rangel doesn’t know what the Times is talking about.

Several arrangements involving Joe Bruno’s daughter lack a good explanation.

Hiram Monserrate’s girlfriend tells the Daily News she backs his account of the events that left her with 22 stitches near her eye.

The Post helpfully draws attention to famous New Yorkers who owe back taxes.

More than half of Assembly and State Senate members work other jobs–lawyer, real estate agent, lifeguard.

Marty Markowitz won’t stand for more budget cuts, nor will he commit to backing Bloomberg, since there may be more cuts.

Bon Jovi is headlining Hillary Clinton‘s farewell fund-raiser.

An upstate developer donated $100,000 to Bill Clinton’s foundation, right around when Hillary steered federal money towards one of his projects.

Despite the efforts of Assemblyman Joseph Lentol, the East River State Park in Williamsburg is closed until spring, the victim of budget cuts.

Yes, Terry McAullife is going to run for governor in Virginia.

Current Virginia Governor Tim Kaine has been appointed to head the D.N.C.

There are four Senate seats unfilled.

According to “outgoing” Chuck Schumer, Al Franken has already won.

Bernie Madoff liked to keep the shades drawn at work.

Weekend in Review: Richardson Steps Out, Bloomberg Goes to Israel, Maloney Heads Upstate