Weiner and Sheekey, Doing the City’s Business

So, what about Kevin Sheekey’s meeting with the guy running against his boss, Representative Anthony Weiner?

“Anthony and Kevin put politics aside and focused on the City’s needs in DC,” Weiner’s spokesman John Collins said via email.

The meeting came to light after Sheekey’s schedule was made public earlier this week.

On a related topic: Tom Robbins of the Village Voice went through the schedule and noted that Sheekey met with Lally Weymouth, the daughter of Washington Post publisher Katharine Graham, three times.

Robbins also noted that during the buzz about Bloomberg possibly running for president, Sheekey met with Michael Whouley, a “Democratic get-out-the-vote great,” and David Norcross, who at the time was head of the Republican National Committee’s rules committee.

Weiner and Sheekey, Doing the City’s Business