Weprin Raises $200K, Liu Has 3,100 Donors

Here are some of the campaign finance numbers that are trickling out in advance of the disclosure deadline this Thursday (the day the guy with no fund-raising problems gives the State of the City speech):

City Comptroller candidate David Weprin raised about $200,000 during this six-month financial reporting period, he told me.

He said that brings the overall amount of money he’s raised to $2.1 million. After accounting for expenditures, Weprin said he has about $1.7 million on-hand. Weprin said the numbers were still being sorted out by his campaign, and might change slightly.

Public advocate candidate John Liu’s campaign said that overall, they’ve raised $3.1 million from 3,100 donors, according to a campaign aide. That aide also said that overall, the campaign has spent about $700,000.

As I’m always reminded, the real numbers to keep an eye on aren’t the contributions, but the expenses, since all of the serious candidates will reach the ceiling for raising money. The question is how quickly they’ll burn through it.

Weprin Raises $200K, Liu Has 3,100 Donors