Where’s Astor? Duplex Listing Down! (Updated)

Nearly a year after getting the lordly honor of listing Brooke Astor’s iconic duplex at 778 Park Avenue, Corcoran’s Leighton

Nearly a year after getting the lordly honor of listing Brooke Astor’s iconic duplex at 778 Park Avenue, Corcoran’s Leighton Candler has lost the listing, according to her Web site.

Last March, agents from both Brown Harris Stevens and Sotheby’s came to audition for the listing with their brokerages’ presidents; a Stribling broker even came in with a colleague who knew the family from church. But Ms. Candler got the listing, Astor’s daughter-in-law later told The Observer, because she’s "smart, she’s dynamic, she works hard. She’s very funny, she’s from the South—yay! Good girl, like me."

"It wasn’t, ‘Did I tap-dance better than anyone?’" Ms. Candler said about her Astor interview. "They were very judicious. And, of course, they cared very much that you’re someone who would present the property well and speak well and all those nice things." (It was probably hard to be charming and proper during the interview: Brokers had to sit in a room with Astor’s stately son, Anthony D. Marshall, who had been accused of stealing from his mother while she was ill, as well as bankers from JPMorgan Chase, who had become Astor’s court-appointed guardians.)

The apartment has remained unsold despite a massive price cut from $46 million to $34 million, and despite summer renovations, when the co-op was briefly pulled from the market.

It’s likely the listing will resurface shortly with another broker, who, one can only imagine, will opt to put the Astor name in the listing. Ms. Candler, profiled recently in The Observer, simply and primly referred to the co-op as a "stunning 14 room apartment offering high ceilings, six terraces, five wood-burning fireplaces, and four or five bedrooms."

Last year she brought this reporter into the apartment, where, besides sitting in Astor’s famously lacquered library, one could walk from the chandeliered private elevator to the 30-foot-long front gallery to the hidden wet bar with six shelves of crystal, plus scotch, gin, vodka and bourbon.

Update: According to a source, the listing is going to Stribling Private Brokerage director Kirk Henckels, who’s well-known for his bowties. "I like Kirk so much," Ms. Candler said. Asked about losing the listing, she said the one thing that’s hard is having done so much work. "It’s a very aggravating thing, but, certainly, I can understand." Mr. Henckels could not be reached. Where’s Astor? Duplex Listing Down! (Updated)