A Republican Chair Waits for His Call About Bloomberg

Staten Island Republican leader John Friscia says he still hasn’t gotten his expected phone call from either Rudy Giuliani or George Pataki, who are making the case to Republican county leaders to allow Michael Bloomberg into their primary.

"I’ve been out of the office all day," Friscia said, and "I haven’t had a conversation with the mayor." (He was referring to the former mayor, not the current one.)

"I am curious as to why he is calling and I am curious as to what he has to say," he said. "I’m always happy to talk to Rudy Giuliani."

Friscia made it clear that he doesn't expect to be pressured.

"Nobody is telling any of the party chairmen what to do," he said. "If they try to, they’re going to be sadly disappointed. This is not something that is going to be taken lightly."

The decision will be the result of lengthy "deliberations with the party chairmen."

Friscia wouldn't say whether his thinking on Bloomberg at the moment is closer to that of state senators Frank Padavan and Marty Golden, who think Bloomberg is the most electable and best for the city, of Queens G.O.P. leader Phil Ragusa, who is still waiting for an apology from the mayor for bolting the party last year.

"I think both of those ideologies have merit," said Friscia. "The most important thing here is there is a dialogue with everyone concerned."

A Republican Chair Waits for His Call About Bloomberg