A Transparency Czar, ‘Time Out’ on Drilling

Subway ridership is as high as it's been since 1950. [SAS]

The A.G.'s office is holding an environmental forum in the Hudson Valley tonight; Andrew Cuomo will not be present. [THR]

Obama is appointing a guy to oversee transparency in the stimulus package. [MA]

Not even Roland Burris' paid consultant wants to get too close right now. [LS]

The Columbia Spectator gets outraged about natural gas drilling and the city's water supply. [CS]

A Department of Environmental Conservation official told Sullivan county, “We have essentially called a ‘time-out’ on the deep hydrofracking of the Marcellus Shale." [MHN]

Sunset Park fears the crashing economy will turn new hotels into less savory edifices. [BI] A Transparency Czar, ‘Time Out’ on Drilling