Anson Kaye Returns to Weiner

Anthony Weiner may have a reputation for going through staff, but at least one former is once again a current: Anson Kaye, his spokesman in the 2005 mayoral race, is back.

In 2005 Kaye helped cast the congressman as a credible "outsider" candidate. After former City Council speaker Peter Vallone Sr. endorsed one of Weiner’s rivals, Gifford Miller, Kaye said, “Anthony Weiner has never been the candidate of the insiders, of the county organizations, or of the pay-for-play crowd." And, he added for good effect, Weiner has “never lost a race."

(He did, of course, end up losing that one.)

After the election, Kaye departed for a job as senior policy adviser to Governor Jim Doyle of Wisconsin.

Exactly what role Kaye will have is unclear: a Weiner campaign spokesman said they aren't rolling out their campaign hires or assigning formal titles.

So hip, they are. Anson Kaye Returns to Weiner