Backstage at Tommy Hilfiger, Daughter Ally Arranged Rings and Avoided Anna

At Tommy Hilfiger’s show yesterday morning, the celebrity front row looked something like this: singer Natasha Bedingfield next to actress Zoe Saldana next to Joshua Jackson and girlfriend Diane Kruger next to Selma Blair next to Alexandra Richards and Marky Ramone. And there was the petite Ally Hilfiger, who teetered out from backstage to do a round of greetings with the celebrity guests and editors taking their front row seats. (As the Daily Transom reported last week, Ms. Hilfiger is working backstage this season with her father to get “seasoned” for her styling career and inevitable line of clothing.)

She air-kissed Ms. Blair, and then a quick hello to former tabloid editor Bonnie Fuller, who said, “I love your bangs!” Ms. Fuller was Twittering the show, but she accidentally referred to Ms. Hilfiger as “Tommy’s daughter, Susie, adorable in new bangs, mini + T-strap stilletos.” Susie is, in fact, Ally’s mom.

“We just unpacked the garment bags so I’ve been steaming and getting the models dressed and getting everyone in first looks,” Ms. Hilfiger told the Daily Transom. “Everything is going very smoothly so far, we’re very organized. I don’t believe in anxiety and my dad is the same way. For a show of this size, it’s stupid to have anxiety of any sort because it’s all going to work out in the end.”

A few moments before Ms. Hilfiger came out, the Daily Transom spotted Anna Wintour being escorted backstage. Did the two cross paths?

“Oh, no, no, no,” Ms. Hilfiger replied cautiously. “But I think she’s fabulous. I say hi to her sometimes. But Carine Roitfeld came yesterday and I got to show her the clothes without the stylist. She said it’s very chic, well made, and great quality.”

And here Ms. Hilfiger really had to excuse herself; there was still more to do backstage.

“Right now I’m going to do last looks with the seamstress and do anything that they need me to do, but I also just try to stay out of people’s way if they don’t need me. Then I just sit there and organize the rings or something,” she said. “Afterwards, everyone high-fives, hugs and says it’s great. Then we just pack up, bring it back to the office and make sure the buyer’s showroom is all set up for tomorrow.” Backstage at Tommy Hilfiger, Daughter Ally Arranged Rings and Avoided Anna