Bloomberg Seeks Volunteers

Michael Bloomberg's campaign manager Bradley Tusk, emailed supporters this morning seeking volunteers, and pointing them to a fancy new campaign web site.

The site urges supporters to volunteer because Bloomberg "is willing to make the hard choices – independent of politics and the special interests."

In 2005, top aide Kevin Sheekey set a goal of recruiting tens of thousands of volunteers.

Here's the email to supporters:

From: Bradley Tusk


Sent: Wednesday, February 18, 2009 8:18 AM


Subject: Join Mike's Campaign

Dear XXXX,

Independent, honest, effective. Since New Yorkers chose him to lead our city in 2001, Mike Bloomberg has shown that he is a leader who can make the hard choices – independent of politics and the special interests – needed to secure our city's future.

In these challenging times, we need a leader like Mike Bloomberg more than ever. Mike has the bold vision needed to create jobs and strengthen our city. Together, we can meet the challenges ahead. Today, you can get involved directly in your neighborhood and help Mike continue to make New York City a great place to live.

Four years ago, Mike built the most effective and far-reaching volunteer campaign in New York City history. His success was made possible because of hard-working volunteers just like you who knocked on doors and called voters because they believed that Mike's independence and honest leadership was what our city needed most.

Please take a moment now and learn how you can help deliver Mike's vision for a strong, secure and stable New York right in your community.

Mike Bloomberg's record speaks for itself. New York City has never been safer – crime is down nearly 30% since he took office. Mike took control of the public school system and now test scores and graduation rates are on the rise, while the achievement gap is shrinking. Quality of life has improved across the five boroughs, our streets are cleaner than ever, and new parks are being created all across the city. And Mike has a nine-point economic plan that will create and retain 400,000 jobs in New York.

How can you keep our city moving forward? Join our campaign and spread the message of Mike's bold vision for New York with your friends, neighbors and coworkers. Join our team now and help Mike continue to make New York the greatest city in the world.


Bradley Tusk

Campaign Manager, Bloomberg for Mayor 2009


UPDATE: It’s right out of the old playbook, actually.In the book The Power of the Vote, Bloomberg’s pollster Doug Schoen described the need for a massive volunteer army for the mayor’s 2005 re-election campaign:

“I think it’s a great way to give people a stake in Mike,” I told Kevin [Sheekey]. “If he’s just a rich guy writing checks to a television station, there’s no personal connection.”

Bloomberg Seeks Volunteers