City Clerk Day

Nothing much is happening in the City Council today other than three-borough fight over who gets the city clerk’s job, one of the premier patronage gigs wholly controlled by this body.


Right now, Vito Lopez of Brooklyn wants it. Carl Heastie of the Bronx wants it too. Quinn may end up giving it to an ally of Joe Crowley from Queens. Liz has the history of boroughs laying claim to the job. I heard Doug Muzzio of Baruch College explaining it to students outside the gates of City Hall as I was walking in. One reporter I spoke to at the front doors of City Hall said nothing has been happening here all day because of the unresolved clerk issue.

More than one person I spoke with questioned the timing of the fight, saying Quinn would have been better served having the issue settled after this year’s primaries, since county leaders who oppose her can use their leverage with the council members who are running for higher office and are seeking endorsements. City Clerk Day