Cuomo’s Only Plan ‘Now’

ALBANY—Attorney General Andrew Cuomo is not ruling out a run for governor, but says his only political plan now is to run for another term as attorney general.

“My only plan now is to run for attorney general,” Cuomo said after announcing a settlement with an upstate insurance provider that used the Ingenix database and overcharged consumers.

Cuomo said that he agreed to speak Monday at a meeting of the Conservative Party to build a broader coalition around his proposal to reduce the size of local government. He said it was “complimentary” to David Paterson’s efforts to negotiate the state budget.

He was then asked by public radio’s Karen DeWitt how he would rate how David Paterson is doing.

“I’ve been around maybe too long,” Cuomo began. “I’ve seen the roller coaster, I’ve seen the high ups and I’ve seen the high downs, and I’ve seen and heard the commentary at the top and at the bottom. There’s no doubt that the past few weeks have not been especially good from the governor’s point of view. There’s also no doubt that he has two years to govern. This is going to be about the budget, this is going to be about seeing the state through an economic crisis, and that’s the real test for the governor. And I think he’s going to do fine.”

Cuomo’s Only Plan ‘Now’