DeCroce says Corzine is breaking pledge on rebates

Assembly Minority Leader Alex DeCroce (R-Parsippany) has accused Gov. Jon Corzine of breaking his 2005 campaign promise to keep the property tax rebate program.

"The governor claimed that he recognized that property taxes in New Jersey were high and needed reform," DeCroce said in a statement released today. "No one interpreted that as eliminating or curtailing the only program that provides some relief to taxpayers. The ultimate effect of doing what the governor is suggesting is actually a tax increase. Even some members within his party recognize the impact this would have."

DeCroce said that Democrats promised that the rebate program would be "safeguarded" when they backed a 2006 sales tax increase aimed at property tax relief.

"Corzine and Senator Codey may be experiencing memory loss, but the taxpayers aren't. Promises are made to be kept, not broken," the Republican leader said. "We have a budget crisis that was fueled by excessive spending and borrowing. I agree that we need to come up with solutions that address this problem, but as of yet, the governor has not offered any substantive recommendations on reducing or eliminating wasteful government programs." DeCroce says Corzine is breaking pledge on rebates