Elise Overland Calls Her Presentation More of an ‘Event’; Bring on the Open Bar!

Elise Overland‘s presentation on Valentine’s Day was not exactly a presentation in the traditional sense. The models, wearing mini dresses, leather gloves and colorful lambskin blazers, spent time standing on a platform, but also took three walks down a runway throughout the course of the hour and a half "presentation." 

Ms. Overland had warned us that it wasn’t going to be a typical presentation.

"I hate to say that my show is a presentation because that has such a feeling of stagnant models standing on boxes. It’s more of an event," she told us at the Fashion Week Daily dinner, two days prior to her show. "It will be three mini shows and the lights and the music will keep changing, so it will be a whole experience. And of course, a full open bar."

Some of the models were wearing crowns and oversized necklaces by the late artist Alexander Calder, which had been supplied by his grandson Alexander Rower

"We literally got the jewelry like 10 minutes ago and tried to figure out who’s going to wear the crowns and who’s not," said Ms. Overland.

This was not the first time the Daily Transom had seen crowns on the runway; Jason Wu had sent out models in crown-like hair pieces the previous day for his fall collection.

"I love crowns because if it’s the right collection, it looks very majestic and tribal," said Ms. Overland. "It gives more of an attitude. It’s sort of bad-ass and that’s how I wanted these girls to be. The sophisticated rock & roll badass, princesses."

Since Ms. Overland combined the elements of a runway and presentation for her fall ’09 collection, we wondered which style of Fashion Week shows some of her guests preferred. The presentation in which you can come and go as you please, have a cocktail, and socialize? Or the carefully orchestrated runway show that requires everyone to remain in their seats for at least the 15 minutes it takes to show the clothes?

"I actually really love shows," said jewelry designer Waris Ahluwalia. "The high energy, the ceremonious peeling off of the plastic off the runway. I love moments–the lights going up, and the music going really loud. All that."

Meanwhile, Fabiola Beracasa, who had just attended the much-talked about Alexander Wang show earlier that day, was torn. (Mr. Wang’s show at Roseland Ballroom on Saturday had pre-show tequila cocktails for the guests and take-out from Hooters backstage; Sarah Jessica Parker sat in the front row.)

"It was amazing. His collections are just getting better and better, and more wearable," she said. "I prefer presentations because of the music and the fun of it and the vibe. But today, Alex Wang was just amazing. It was a party, but also a show with like a DJ and tequila!"

Elise Overland Calls Her Presentation More of an ‘Event’; Bring on the Open Bar!