Elsewhere: A Stimulus Deal, Trunzo Steps Down, Tedisco Cries ‘Now We Will’

There is a deal! On the stimulus package, which will cost $789 billion.

The Assembly's estimate of the state budget gap shows it has grown by $1 billion since the last estimate.

The new City Hall News cover story looks at how Latinos in politics are looking, but not necessarily finding, new leadership.

In the comments section, readers suggest Eliot Spitzer, Al Sharpton, Steve Harrison, Judith Kaye and many others to replace Mark Green on "Wise Guys.".

A blogger at Second Avenue Subways is again furious at John Liu's lack of support for the M.T.A.

Charlie Rangel is endorsing a tax-preparation program sponsored by Wal-Mart's foundation.

Paterson doesn't seem inclined to help the Senecas get a new casino.

The defeated Caesar Trunzo is stepping down early as head of the Islip County Republican Party, the victim of a leadership coup.

New top Judge Jonathan Lippman blessed the media.

Immigration rallies at the Capitol are growing.

Jim Tedisco's campaign slogan, "Now We Will," sounds a bit familiar.

As previously reported, Tedisco's special election will probably be March 31.

Those two hospitals in Queens will stop admitting patients on Saturday.

Even though he's been avoiding the national press, Bobby Jindal will deliver the Republican response to Obama's address to Congress.

  Elsewhere: A Stimulus Deal, Trunzo Steps Down, Tedisco Cries ‘Now We Will’