Elsewhere: A Tense Senate, the Mayoral Control Debate

Things have gotten "sharp" in the Senate during negotiations over the stimulus. Meanwhile, Obama called further delay "inexcusable."

The Senate did pass an amendment they're calling the "mob museum prohibition."

Popular Mechanics looks into what "shovel ready" really means.

As commute times in the outer boroughs rises, Streetsblog takes a moment for Anthony Weiner and congestion.

"I think you've created 1,500 orphans," Mark Weprin told Dennis Walcott during a hearing today about mayoral control of city public schools.

Praise for Michael Bloomberg from Dutch free-speech advocates who say they're being persecuted at home.

Roy Edroso on Bloomberg: "Class war for everybody!"

Liz reports that Debi Rose's  W.F.P. support is all "off-island." Also, Tom Curitore is off the ballot.

Critics of the horse carriage industry will have more opportunity to protest Jim Gennaro.

Ed Towns is fund-raising.

An ad for Brian Foley appeared in Azi's Gmail.

Bill Thompson testified about mayoral control of city schools, criticizing the city's Department of Education.
Here's footage of Bloomberg explaining the syrup smell, from his YouTube channel. Elsewhere: A Tense Senate, the Mayoral Control Debate